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At Evesham we work with other Methodist churches in South Worcestershire covering four main areas:  Refugees and Migration, a Just Economy, Israel/Palestine and Eco-issues, although the last now has a largely separate group called the Eco Group.

One issue affecting many of the churches is refugees and migration. Working with other bodies such as Evesham Welcomes Refugees, we have  supported a number of refugees from the local Evesham Hotel, taken over by the Home Office in February 2022. Some Iranian refugees wished to become Christians, were trained and baptised and became our members. In August 2023 many were faced with a mass relocation from the hotel. EMC hosted a meeting for 30 of those being relocated and assisted them in pressing for more humane treatment. Some had many contacts here, volunteering in local shops, undertaking English courses and some even had job offers.

We have managed to stay in touch with most of those who were our members, now as far away as Manchester, Nottingham and Wellingborough, as well as around the West Midlands, and give them ongoing support as they grow in their Christian faith. Some of them are now getting their Leave to Remain visas, conferring refugee status.

In relation to the Just Economy, all the local Foodbanks are speaking of increasing demands on their services, a greater number of those in need and a growing quantity of incidents where people are becoming more desperate at their situation. There is continuing necessity for support of Church Action on Poverty and Church Action for Tax Justice, as part of the JustMoney Movement, to create pressure on our politicians to act for the poor.

The tragic situation in Israel/Palestinecontinues to cause extreme distress and unimaginable suffering to innocent people, men, women and children. This brief extract from a statement by our President and Vice-President describes our feelings of helplessness.

“The situation may feel overwhelming; so much information, so much misinformation and so much misery. Where is our hope? Watching and reading news reports can leave us confused and feeling helpless. What can we do? As members of the Methodist Church we have witnessed the plight of the Palestinian people’s oppression for many years and have sought to encourage those on all sides who are working for lasting peace with justice in the region. “

You can read the full statement, including actions we could all take, here:

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